Garden Blocc Crips - Crip Gang located in Sacramento California.
Im rollin with tha G-B-C, and it dont quit, thats the gangsta shit, hoes and niggaz know when i drop that hit. (Mista Doc)
by CryBabyLocc187 February 24, 2005
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Gay Boy City, not an actual city ,but a club consisting of only the gayest tubsters around. A known member is LosPollosTv
I'm GBC for life!
by GBC Cult Leader February 26, 2018
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Gardan Blocc Crips, a Sacramento gang.
"I am g from the GBC" - C-Bo
by Philip April 27, 2003
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GBC.. a group of the hottest,sexy, stylish persons ever! They party hard and always look good! If there is a GBC boy.. guys hate him.. the ladies adore him and likewise for the girls (persons of the same sex feel threatened by GBC members) but that don't phase them. They always get what they want so everybody else is jealous! Everybody wants to see GBC go down. They got class, they got swag! They are extremely happy people always laughing and making the best out of every situation! They are best friends and love and care for each other greatly..
Ugh.. They goes GBC walking across like they own the place! I hate them so friggin much!!!
by Royaltii April 02, 2010
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A GBC or "gay, black, cripple" is an acronym used to describe a homosexual black man in a wheel chair. They are known for their jerry curls, large penises, spinner wheel chair rims, and shit eating grins.

They are also the worst hate crime victims. If you beat up a GBC you are committing a hate crime towards three different demographics. ULTIMATE hate crime.
I kicked that GBC right out his wheel chair and stomped his mouth 'cause it was the only thing that was still movin'! Talk shit now motha fucka!
by Jewsus Chrizzist May 10, 2008
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G.B.C.- Glorified booty call,is when someone is someone's steady fuck buddy,but really does not care, or love them as much as they act. Generally a semi- girlfriend,or semi-boyfriend who is fucking you just because they can,and maybe they like you just a little bit too.
" Man, I wish I was more than a G B C to my semi- Boy-friend.
by VONS MOM May 30, 2007
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