GOTHBOICLIQUE only real hardcore emo skaters listen to them
I like GBC and I get pussy
by Piooooo November 20, 2019
Gay Boy City, not an actual city ,but a club consisting of only the gayest tubsters around. A known member is LosPollosTv
I'm GBC for life!
by GBC Cult Leader February 25, 2018
Garden Blocc Crips - Crip Gang located in Sacramento California.
Im rollin with tha G-B-C, and it dont quit, thats the gangsta shit, hoes and niggaz know when i drop that hit. (Mista Doc)
by CryBabyLocc187 February 25, 2005
hey man you get a 1337 GBC rom on you?
by Ubisoft4me October 24, 2004
A GBC or "gay, black, cripple" is an acronym used to describe a homosexual black man in a wheel chair. They are known for their jerry curls, large penises, spinner wheel chair rims, and shit eating grins.

They are also the worst hate crime victims. If you beat up a GBC you are committing a hate crime towards three different demographics. ULTIMATE hate crime.
I kicked that GBC right out his wheel chair and stomped his mouth 'cause it was the only thing that was still movin'! Talk shit now motha fucka!
by Jewsus Chrizzist May 11, 2008
“GBC what that is? That be Gay boy city. Pull a dudes pants down and we show no pity.”
by JackKilla7245 November 13, 2017