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A term used to describe something that gets more hype and credit than it's actually worth.

So due to personal opinion and anyone who hates anything that's well known, No matter how brilliant something is, if it gets a lot of media attention then there's always someone who will think it's overrated.
Person A) "I'm gonna watch my TV..."
Person B) "TV is overrated"

Person A) "I want an Xbox..."
Person B) "Xbox is overrated"
Person A) "Jesus, shutup"
Person B) "Jesus is overrate-"
*punches in face*
by -Mike- May 06, 2006

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A computer, also known in short as "Mac". very easy to use but not many programs available for it, and useless for gamers. Some schools may have it for it's basic functions.
Bob: Name ONE thing you're PC can do that my Macintosh can't.

Me: Right click.
by -Mike- April 07, 2006

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Latest handheld released by Nintendo. The Nintendo DS is a portable gaming system which sports two screens, the bottom being the touch screen. The DS' main rival is of course the PSP, which is another portable gaming system released by Sony. Personally I think they're both evenly matched, they both have the good things about them and the bad things about them. Being a proud owner of both consoles, and finding both to be great portable systems, I'll go through each console:

The DS. Anybody saying the DS games are just childish, has honestly never tried playing them, and have their head so far up another gaming company's ass that it's almost popping out of their eye sockets. The games, while appealing as "childish", are extremely fun to play, and worth what you pay for. The DS has a very good battery life, the touch screen and mic adds more interactivity to games, and has a decent range of games out too. You can also go online with it, using Wi-Fi. Having said that, there is no real media(music, films etc.) available for it straight away, however Nintendo are working on many new things for the DS, including an internet service for the DS using the opera browser, which is a very good browser equivilent to the Firefox browser. There are also other ways, for instance using a play-yen. The DS is capable of 2D or 3D graphics, and the graphics are equivilent to that of the Nintendo 64.

The PSP. Right now I'm quite disappointed with the games out for PSP at the moment, however there are some pretty good ones in development as I type. The battery life for it is small, however you can buy batteries with increased battery life, but these do cost a lot. The good thing is that you can store photos, music, films and video on PSP memory cards, and it's good to have all of these in my pocket when on a long journey, with the choice of playing a game too. But the normal memory cars that comes with the PSP is only 32MB, so you have to pay for a better memory card, and they cost loads. I had to pay £90 for a 1GB memory card, and the PSP itself isn't cheap in the first place. There's also some hacks for the PSP, also known as Homebrew. It has better graphics than the DS, which is always nice to have but the actual gameplay of the games comes before graphics, and right now PSP is lacking in a good range of games.

Both consoles are around the same size and there's hardly any difference in weight.

Both are great systems, but my main reason for buying a gaming console was for games, and I'm much more satisfied with the games that Nintendo DS offers me.
Both are evenly matched consoles, but I've had much more fun with the games that Nintendo DS offers me. Fanboys should really play the games before bad mouthing them, but then again, you can't get anything through to a fanboy. ;)
by -Mike- April 18, 2006

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Meaning 'The fuck', also short for 'wtf?' Used on internet chat programs/forums to poke fun at the '1337' noobs.
Noob: wtf???? roflmfaobbq! bbq?
Sane person: Teh fook?
by -Mike- April 13, 2006

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