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Nintendo's new handheld system. It features hit games like Animal Crossing DS, Meteos, and Mario Kart DS. The DS will have Wi-Fi internet service by the end of 2005. The internet service will be completley free and will feature games such as Tony Hawk (Working Title), Animal Crossing DS, and Mario Kart DS. The Nintendo DS is a unique system, and unlike the PSP (Which has better graphics, but is still just a shrunk PS2) it has touch screen control and a huge selection of great games. With a Play Yan you can play music and movies on the DS, plus the DS plays GBA games. The Nintendo DS supports many different types of Multiplayer. They are:

Wi-Fi Internet Multi-player:
Explained above.

Nintendo DS wireless download and play:
One DS hosts a game and the other people with a DS can join the game, even if they don't have the game itself. Most DS games do this. The wireless range of the Nintendo DS is 100 feet, but can be expanded with a "hotspot" that sends the wireless transmision through a more powerful source that can reach up to around 500 feet.

Nintendo DS Wireless Mulri-card play:
Same as Download and play, only each player must have their own game card inserted into the DS.

The Nintendo DS can withstand amazing damage, two mountain climbers even took their 10 Nintendo DSs to Mount. Everest, and the top of it at that, and none of them broke. They also took computers and other electronics, and most of them broke.
If you want a flashy system with great graphics, get a PSP, but if you want a system with great, unique games, plus internet, good graphics, and otherwise, get a DS.
Sony Fanboy: "The PSP can play movies and the DS can't!"

Nintendo DS user: "No, the DS can play movies and music with a Play-Yan."

Sony PSP user: "Yes, it's true the DS has more unique gameplay, but the PSP has better graphics."
by Zsky2 July 29, 2005

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A puppy simulator for the Nintendo DS. The game is extremely popular, scored a 9.1 at Gamespot and a perfect 40/40 from the famous Japanese gaming magazine, Famitzu. It comes in three versions, each with different starting dogs. You end up unlocking all dogs from the other versions. The game has been considered "kiddie" by some, esspecially those who never played it, do to Nintendog's horrible TV ads. Sony fan boys hated how popular the game was, and wrote a large amount of fake reviews on Amazon.com (One was written by "one of the girls who did the commercial", another was horribley racist against Japanese.), it also caused a DS to be vandalized in an EB games store, as reported on the Nintendo forums. Nintendo put alot of work into the game, which includes voice regonition, which includes 18 dogs, an almost endless amount of items, and loads of tricks. It still won't appeal to everyone.
"My Nintendog is wearing a Spiked collar! Tight!"
by Zsky2 August 28, 2005

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The urban version of the popular simulation game The Sims for the Game Cube, Xbox, and Playstation 2 (PS2). Two other versions were made, a version for the GBA, and a port (A direct copy with a few extra additions) was made for the Nintendo DS, but it wasn't as good as the other Nintendo DS games and the DS version of Animal Crossing, a hit game for the Gamecube that was released in 2002. This version of The Sims is more focused on urban culture. All of the Urbz are devided into different groups, each with their own "district". There are around 9 groups on the GCN, PS2, and Xbox systems that include but are not limited to the sk8ers of Kicktail Park.
Person A: "Do you like The Sims?"
Person B: "Kinda, it's not urban enough, the Sims remind me of my parents."
Person A: "Why don't you get The Urbz then?"
by Zsky2 July 29, 2005

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1: A black and white mammal. The most popular source of milk. Some people eat cows, but there is a movement of people who go against this. These people are vegetarians, and they don't eat ANY type of meat. There is also a movement of people who don't eat meat or anything produced from an animal (including cow milk), due to the amount of abuse the animals or the animals' children go through. For example, to get a cow to milk it must have babys, but the farmers want extra money and need more milk, so they kill the baby cows and sell their meat.

2: A Sony fanboy. These people like the {PS2] and PSP more then other systems. They tend to say negitive things about other consoles.
1:Vegetarian "I can't believe people kill cows for food!"
Meat eater: "Well it tastes friggin' good!"

2: Tim: "Yesterday some cow dissed me and my bro 'cause we were playing a multiplayer
Super Mario 64 DS game, but we dissed him back!"
Jack: "Same thing happened to me yesterday, only we were playing Meteos!"
by Zsky2 July 29, 2005

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A very fun and exiting puzzle game for the Nintendo DS.
Nintendo Fanboy: "Meteos is way better then Lumines!"
Sony Fanboy: "No way! Lumines has WAY better graphics!"
by Zsky2 July 29, 2005

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The acting of performing something, such as a skateboard trick, flip, play, etc, and messing up badly. Originated from a typo on page 9 of the Mario Kart DS manual.
"Dude, did you see that guy perfprm that trick he's been bragging about for months? That was so effing funny!"
by Zsky2 December 03, 2005

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1: (N) A brain washer. Most teachers, school "gang" leaders, and tv stations fall under this category.

See Bwash

2: (N) An advertising company, one who creates propaganda.
"I warn you, that's what they wan't you to think, that's what they're paid to do, they're bwashers!"
The bwashers over at McDonalds want people to think they're now selling healthy meals like salads, what you don't see is what they actually put in the salads.
by Zsky2 October 03, 2006

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