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The act of linking an unsuspecting internet user to a domain ending in, which causes temporary ruination of their browser, and if they use IE, can often cause their computer to crash, while being frozen on gay porn.

You can link someone to easily, because you can change the domain-name to make it less suspecting, or even pretend it's another website, such as:
Random furry: Lol! That fox was so kawaiiiiiii!
Sweaty faced teen: Ooh, I like furries, too. Check this site out :)

Random furry has disconnected.

Sweaty faced teen: I am a l33t haxx0r.
by Zerotrousers September 20, 2009
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The guy that everyone looks at and stereo types as a nerd, but let this mack daddy loose in the club and he'll prove just the opposite. Guys grab your woman and run, NIMP ON THE LOOSE! Nerd + Pimp = Nimp
Person A (man, look at that nerd over there)

Person B (he's no nerd man, that cat's a nimp. i lost my smokin girlfriend to that mug.)
by theman.268 December 07, 2010
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an acronym standing for 'niggas in mah pants' can be used for either excitement or anger.
Excitement: "NIMP! that girl was so fucking hot!"
Anger: "NIMP! i just slept with the fattest chick ever!"
by jessicaajeww March 03, 2009
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A nimp is a really cute and/or pudgey animal.
My brother has a Birman cat named Rollin. Rollin is pretty fuckin nimp.
by DaNimpKing November 25, 2007
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A fat nymphomaniac, esp. those wearing white jeans with VPL.
"Your beeatch is a Nimp". Derivation: Blimp + Nympho(maniac), Nimpette - younger sister.
by Gary Wales August 30, 2006
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