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A very beautiful girl who is smart and usually never talks to guys who she does not like,a Nilah is a very amazing person who is hard to impress but if you somehow did it then she will instantly like you alot more.
Guy1:mmm i need to think of a plan to impress Nilah
Guy2: pfff good luck
by The Truth TT November 02, 2017
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Nilah is a very beautiful girl, she’s very shy but once you get to know her she is very fun to be around. Shes smart also. Shes very independent. Don’t mess with her until she’s done everything she needs to do. She is goofy and outgoing.
by helloewhs12 November 28, 2018
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Nilah is one of my goofiest/funniest friends she’s nice she kind she’s always on point she’s sometimes to funny I can’t even handle and ma friend is beautiful so don’t mess with Nilah’s.
Nilah is a good friend she ain’t petty or stuff like that she ma bestie/twin.
by BougieBaby April 24, 2019
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