MLK fought for us African Americans to not be called “negro” and “nigga”. So saying nikka somewhat lessens the fact that the word “nigga” is being used amongst us African Americans.
Me: yuurr
Anahoy: wassup my nikka
Furby: tf you want my nikka
Me: furby you funny asl😭😭
Lex: grassy ass
by Hunchomadethis May 5, 2020
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What non-niggas say since they'd get their cheeks clapped if they say "Nigga". Instead they use Nikka or Nikka can be a name if u insist.
White Boy: Wassup my Nikka!
Black man: Wut you say?
White Boy: Sir, I said Nikka
Black man: That's right or else u finna get up cheecks clapped.
by Xazzi v December 3, 2018
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Nikka is a female name of Persian origin, and means happy.
Girl 1: Hey, What's your name?
Girl 2: It's Nikka.
Girl 1: Pretty! What does it mean?
Girl 2: It means happy in Persian.
by Beautiful Ocean December 28, 2013
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Prettiest, not to mention sexiest, girl you've ever seen! Pretty rare to hear of a Nikka. They are outgoing and love to help others! God gave us only few Nikkas, let's praise them while they last.

Originated from: Donica
was that a nikka i just saw?
yes, she was beautiful!
by tigersbball November 4, 2010
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Nikka is perfect to describe a woman who doesn’t stop until she reaches her goals and dreams in life. She is passionate, generous, and full of life. She is one of a kind.
Nikka is an amazing woman.
by shewhomustnotbenamedagain November 23, 2021
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noun Nikka is an extremely versatile word. Usually used by Bottoms and ignorant white people. Sometimes Nikka is used for Cantonese Dim Sum, due to ignorance.

Sometimes Nikka can also be used as a degenerate Pokémon, with the full form being "Nikkachu", which is the evolved form. Though, one would assume Nikkachus are black, they are actually pale and talk funny.

Also used as another form of Nigga.
White Person: What are you doing?
Brown Person: *sends a picture of Dim Sum* I'm eating Nikka!
White Person: That nikka sure looks good!
Brown Person: I'm not EATING nikka, you nikka! I'm calling YOU a Nikka, you Nikka!
by SnackishNibba February 4, 2019
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A very good human being who is liked by lots of people..
He is a nikka
by Mkvaltoha June 5, 2020
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