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The highest of hood style, throw up your fist, make sure you have a good step back, and a hood hop. Step two: always make eye contact with the person you're fighting, break control you break your nose. Step three: repeatedly hop back and step back making sure he or she is coming closer to you in fear. Step four: when close enough, always first aim for the side of the eye, then give a upper cut, combo with a good pinch to the face . Step five: go Dragon ball z style and then throw fist like you're the flash.
"Oh no, it's Nigrate. That is the highest level of fighting . How did he did he learn such a powerful fighting style?
by Rak Hoeraiser May 28, 2018
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to make something appear ignorant or worth less.
Forcefully flooding the market with genetically modified foods is making the consumers nigrate.
by FallibleChristian April 20, 2018
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