Used to describe a(n) (impressive, shocking, surprising, weird) situation that was caused by a nigga.
Guy 1: Yo, did you see that nigga doin wheelies and shit on the highway yesterday? He didn't even fall.
Guy 2: Sounds like some niggatry to me.
by AestheticLotus May 22, 2017
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The art and study of being a real nigga. Which includes the tan of your skin, the pitch in your voice, and usage of words. Basically, an all out hood persona.
A black man is grabbing his nut sack while sweet talking an anglo-saxon female. A white male observes from afar, and witnesses the female licking her lips at the black man. Then the white man can say, " There's some powerful niggatry at work over there."
by Von J November 07, 2007
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The form of the art of the negro or black wizardry; or the induction of black violence
T dog: Oh shit motha fucka roy pounded the fuc ou danielle and tyler whooped is asssss

Steve: shit man, guys a fuckin niggatry at work
by Oldwhitemamsays August 01, 2017
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word for nigga trickery. when a nigga is trying to play they're nigga tricks on you to either hustle or something else.

can be used as a synonym for: shenanigans, bullshit etc.
Roger was trying to deceive me with his niggatry last night but i wouldn't have it.
by gabram November 08, 2009
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People of African descent gathering together for a fun night of clubbing, smoking, or stroking
There's powerful Niggatry at work here
by lordxrio December 13, 2015
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When a male plays a loyal female by doing typical dumb ass, player, fuckboy-like actions.
When a guy you're talking to claims he wants "you and only you", but then cuddles with a hoe in the backseat of a car THE SAME NIGHT YOU GUYS HUNG OUT EARLIER. Prime example of Niggatry.
by IG|| Yomommyyy July 05, 2017
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