1 : a number of unspecified additional persons or things; an informal form of "etcetera", denoting the continuance of a list or sequence;
2 : and so forth; unknown or undescribed information; denoting additional information that the speaker either does not know or assumes is understood from context.
1: We went to the zoo today and saw lions and tigers and bears n' shit.

2: I don't know what her fucking problem is today. It must be stress from the wedding n' shit.
by Amos the Puppyfucker August 27, 2010
I enjoy computers and such.
I like computers n' shit

We were all freaked out 'n' shit

Oh we went to the zoo and they had lions and tigers n' shit
by stghm May 4, 2007
short for "and shit like that" over used by me
i like tits n' shit
by phill stone January 22, 2004
To describe an action
by BUCHAY September 24, 2006
Can be used like the word ect. and used mostly at the end of a sentence
Johnny and Joe are junk food fanatics all they eat is pizza,candy,popcorn,chocolate and ect......

Tyreak and Shaniqua aint nothing but junk food fanatics all they eat is pizza,candy,popcorn,and chocolate n' shit.....
by shantiqu6 August 28, 2007
A word used at the end of a sentence when the person speaking realizes that no one is listening.
Mann, I'm hungary n' shit.
Call me later n' shit.
by professa October 16, 2006