The act of one behaving as an ain’t shit ass nigga. Is a borderline fuckboy but can be saved if you point out the signs of niggatry.
-Damien replied to Lisa’s message five hours later... he showin signs of niggatry

- Jojo mentions fucking before asking the girl her name... his niggatry will be his downfall
by MrsSaveAHoe23 January 03, 2018
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The basis on which niggas is formed
Aye thats that nigga the one that got the niggatry degree
by Ill_blinton October 15, 2018
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When a male plays a loyal female by doing typical dumb ass, player, fuckboy-like actions.
When a guy you're talking to claims he wants "you and only you", but then cuddles with a hoe in the backseat of a car THE SAME NIGHT YOU GUYS HUNG OUT EARLIER. Prime example of Niggatry.
by IG|| Yomommyyy July 05, 2017
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The act of being nigga
Where my koolaid at, Who took my jordans, Latisha says the baby is mine but i know she a lyin ass hoe
Aka niggatry
by ThatWhiteguy69420 May 29, 2019
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word for nigga trickery. when a nigga is trying to play they're nigga tricks on you to either hustle or something else.

can be used as a synonym for: shenanigans, bullshit etc.
Roger was trying to deceive me with his niggatry last night but i wouldn't have it.
by gabram November 08, 2009
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When ya own nigga does you dirty and should be put to death
John: Let me add yo girl.
Tyrone: Nah homie you think you're slick
John: *adds yo girl then fucks yo girl*
Tyrone: Sorry nigga but you are sentenced to death for "Treason By Niggatry"
by Koi Boy April 20, 2018
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