The 74th book of the Bible. Contains proverbs as to how a nigga can survive in the 21 century. Was made into a movie called “Straight Out’a Compton”.
“If she let her phone die, she playin. Bitches don’t let their phones die.”
-Niggalations 4:20
by TheDayoOfDeepFry September 10, 2018
“If you can make her laugh and giggle you can make her cheeks clap and jiggle.” Niggalations 13:456
by YoungD24 April 16, 2020
This is a book in Black Bible that speaks about nigga moments and there causes
Niggalations 3:15 thy shall not step on a niggas new shoes or thus will sparken a negro moment
by Dark skinned Jesus November 20, 2019
The unholy Bible of all niggas. This is where a nigga can find wisdom or just simply the way of life.
"Thou Shalt Not Wife THOTS!" - Niggalations: 10 verse 7
by MistahRigoh April 19, 2019
The holy book to those seeking guidance in the way of the hood. It is the bible and guide book on how to act and be in your life.
Niggalations 4:19

If you’re strapped you won’t get clapped
by chokemelikeyouhatemebutyoulove November 17, 2020
If thou sees black people running thou shall run like thou's life depends on it cause it probably does
Niggalations 1:269
by Blackjesus206 May 3, 2022