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a sexy girl with a nice ass her body slays for days she is a strong girl and she wont stand people talk behind her back cause she will fight she wont compete with other girls cause shes one of a kind she has a very delicate heart when it comes to people she loves , treat her right cause shes a loyal girl or you lost one of a kind and she needs someone to make her happy and to love her at all times.
by Jonathonsgj January 03, 2018
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A beautiful woman of extreme intelligence and glamor. A steadfast honest forthright loyal woman. Adventurous,determined, and absolutly not a whore on any level. She has an extreme sense of fair play and a wild imagination, which makes her very creative.
Nicol is validictorian of her class. I met her at the Park.
by ponchy sagbottom February 22, 2010
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