breaker of hearts, charming, handsome and funny, always knows what to say, but lies to girls, because hes scared of commitment. he lies to girls he loves, and hangs with girls he doesnt.
isnt he dating Kendra?
No, hes such a nicholas, he lied and cheated on her with Cassandra.
by Bravebird-flying July 02, 2011
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1. A guy who is very kind and giving

2. Someone who is addicted to Rubik's Cubes
1. Nicholas is good
2. Nicholas, put down the cubes!
by Nichtionary March 15, 2019
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The best brother ever. Always looking out for his family. He is intelligent,caring , sporty, tech guy, popular and a guy you can always talk to. He will always give good advice in time of need. He has an amazing body and face that make him a girl magnet. He is a strong warrior with a mighty spirt. And most of the time he wouldn’t show love to his sibling because he is hiding under his diamond hard shell. Put underneath his is the most loving brother.
I wish Nicholas was my brother
by Bazinga shaplam November 06, 2018
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Nicholas is your best friend in the whole world! Commonly known as the penguin amongst his friends, he is a super cool kind of dude. You are the mischevious type and loves to drag Nicholas into trouble. He is the most faithful, kind, caring out of all your friends and sometimes, it feels like Nicholas is the only stable thing in your life. Never let go of Nicholas.
Not surprised to hear Nicholas got in trouble again. Mia is always getting him into trouble.
by mimsybearful October 13, 2016
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A really cute boy who’s usually tall and awkward. Despite this, a Nicholas will steal your heart.
Person 1: I have a crush on this tall boy...
Person 2: I bet it’s a Nicholas
by LolYouReadThat February 08, 2019
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the most amazing boyfriend in the entire world. He is super amazing and he is myyyyy supermann. he saved my life from the boringness. i love him soo much a he is sooooo trustworthy and sooo respectful and sooo cuddly and sweet and sexy and everything good youu could ever image in one person.
My boyfriends name is nicholas, i like to refer to him as Superman.
by babygirll(: December 05, 2010
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A popular person, that can be a real dickhead regularly and be very annoying. A Nicholas is usually up himself and spoilt
Person 1: Hi, what’s your name?

Person 2: Nicholas

Person 1: You must be a bloody pain in the ass

Person 2: I will tell my mummy
by Despiser of Nicholas May 26, 2019
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