a bad ass kind of dude, prefers to chill and have a good time.
dude im bored...... go hang out with Nicholas.
by knotsandivy January 08, 2010
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the only man to ever make chuck Norris cry,
he has been a ninja since birth.
he is the most amazing individual you will ever not have the pleasure to meet he once fried doughnuts and steamed vegetables in the same pot...at the SAME TIME!!! he went back in time and spawned some of the greatest men alive! will Ferrel Jason Segal Adam Sandler and bob hope. there will never be another and this one shall never perish. He is. Pimpshit.
....Oh shit.. its..Nicholas.
....Ahhh shit bro did you see that?! he went straight up Nicholas on his ass!!
by beccathespiffy November 20, 2011
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Is usually a brunette sex god if you havent got a Nichola yet, go get one,she is fun, bubbly and usually hyper. She enjoys books of the name Twilight and likes to watch the Mighty Boosh and listens to alsorts eg. Mcfly(gods) that might be it.
Nichola-brunette sex god on legs.
by sammidong October 27, 2008
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The best and awesomest at just about everything. Also very nice. Everyone wants to be just like him.
Noah: Dang, Nicholas is the coolest guy I know.

Mason: I know, I wish I were as cool as him
by XxNSkillerXx February 07, 2012
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The unimaginably freaky guy with an exotic sense of humor that loves to hang out with friends and have fun. He's the nicest guy you'd ever know, and can basically do anything out of his way just to make you happy. He is probably not the best when it comes to being romantic, but can easily get you without a flick, hey that's nick.
girl:you got your work done all by your self??

girl1:no, an extremely nice guy helped me out. Don't even know his name

girl2:must be nicholas
by MNikP April 08, 2010
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