Means "Victorious" or "Victory of the People", and is of Greek origin.
by HistoryDude101 October 13, 2010
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Simply the best. just breathtakingly beautiful and sexy. has fucked over 100 women, and made them all climax 3 times in one minute. He goes to a certain school beginning with R in England, and all his school know him as "the pussy pleasurer". not to be confused with the "dick sucker" definition of the name Mick.
hey are you called nicholas?(woman)

have you just had the fuck of your life?(nicholas)

oh yeah! i've never had such an orgasm! You must be a nicholas!

That i am, that i am.(nicholas)
by ballsmcgeepersian January 14, 2012
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a 5 foot 7 blonde haired bomb shell funny caring loyal sexy as hell, gr8 to get on with gets on with ya mates cleans ya room and put people in the recovery position talks like a five year old sometime's spits on ya thigh while reading her description on urban dictionary and can be found wondering round my bedroom in a house coat and nothing else. . . . sometime's not even a house coat!
that guy is so lucky i hope one day he crashes and dies and i can rob his nichola!
by T-rex waffle February 04, 2010
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A guy who all the girls fall all over. The perfect pakage sweet, smart, hilarious, athletic, cute, hot, etc. Except goes to one girl to the next breaking thier hearts not be able to keep a on going relationship. Doesnt realize how many hearts he hurts day by day.
Boy 1: Wow look at nicholas hes got all the girls
Boy 2: They just all swarm around him, literally where he goes they migrate to
Boy 1: Hmm lets go get some tips from him
by SpiceXOXO November 07, 2011
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55 x better

55 x times cooler
55 x hotter

and most of all .....
55 x humbler than everyone else...........

Nick, Nicky, Nicholas, or however you pronounce his name,....................... WE SALUTE YOU..........YOU ROCK .......

Only kidding NicHolas translated means Leader of Men....... and not dealer which is the case most of the time......
nic55 nicholas nic nick nicky
by Nic55 February 04, 2010
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When encountering this man, your attention should fall upon his fantastic curly hair or is lovely hazel eyes. This man has the facial structure of a Greek statue and yet this raging Bisexual is very much in tune with his feminine side. He smells of stale cigarettes and old memories, which I know wants as a damn cologne. He is romantic beyond words but even if youŕe stuck with simply being his friend, youŕe so fucking lucky. He will do everything in his power to make you feel special. Though he hates his middle name with a passion, it fits him. Overall good man and avid Guardian of Vibe checks
¨Who the hell thought it was a good idea to Photoshop a dog mouth on a horses face?!¨
¨Probably, Nicholas.¨
via giphy
by KitKatDove November 21, 2019
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