Also know a as a tall can. A 24 oz can of beer. Not to be confused with a pounder a 16oz can of beer, or a deuce deuce a 22oz bottle of beer
A tall boy is much beter than a pounder because it has more beer
by VERG October 13, 2006
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when i am sitting on the toilet taking a dookie and sean hummin' on my boner. hmmmm.
Nothing feels so nice as when sean cracks a tall boy.
by jd March 23, 2003
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A beer that is served in a bottle; Hence the name "'tall' boy" since it is taller then a can of beer.
We got a 12 of tall boys and no where to go. Seems like the begining of a perfect day...
by P.T. June 5, 2005
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1. Nickname given to a tall person.
2. Nickname given to a person with a penis over the size of 9" when erect.
3. The process of being given a blowjob while under the influence of cannabis.
1. Tall boy john is 6 ft 10!
2. They don't call him Tall Boy for nuting, you seen the size of his schlong?
3. I had a great Tall boy last nite.
by Solaif March 23, 2003
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A Tall Boy is a 16-ounce can of beer. First introduced by Schlitz in 1954. A Tall Boy can be a larger size, such as the 24-ounce cans which debuted in the 1990's, but the 16-ounce can is the original Tall Boy.
Can't beat a cold Tall Boy.
by BeerIsKing January 26, 2011
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A nice, fresh, ice cold beer, usually anything taller than normal sized can.
"If I had a perfect day
I would have it start this way
Open up the fridge and have a tall boy

-One Fine Day, The Offspring
by Skye Daemon June 8, 2009
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