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A piece of bondage equipment designed to immobilize males. A humbler consists of two bars about 24" long with hardware to clamp them together. The bars are notched in the center. To use the humbler the male bends at the waist and knees and his ball sack is pulled back through his legs. The humbler is then clamped into place across the scrotum between the testicles and penis behind the male's thighs with the scrotum in the notch. Once in place it is impossible for the male to straighten his legs without painful streaching of the ball sack. Being in a humbler is a humilating experience for male subs, and brings B&D sessions to a new level.
Buffy told us last night last night she tried out a humbler on her new boyfriend. She said at first boy was he surprised. Then after a while he seemed to like it. Now he's her bitch LOL.
by elbert March 16, 2007
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A form of cock and ball torture where a chord is formed into a lasso and looped around a man's nut sack while the other end is tied around the feet. Every time the man kicks the lasso tightens causing immense pain.
Matt - "Gabe you should totally tie that ethernet cable around your balls and give yourself a humbler." Gabe - "Just make sure Michael doesn't hit the brakes to hard I don't want to rip off my nuts!"
by weezy87 June 18, 2015
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The humbler is the action of getting sucked up by a girl while sitting on a old bouncy washer machine,on high cycle and making her hum while she does it
Ex: bro!!! You will never ever guess what happened last night!! I took my gf to my gmas crib,and you know that old washer??? Yeah I got a hummer on the tumbler and called that bitch a humbler
by MeanMFmoneyMike April 22, 2012
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