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A hunk that got stuck in the dryer too long... but his penis is still extremely large... also the biggest ladys man ever.
Dayumm girl... that guy is such a nicho
by bossdotcom May 07, 2011
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the name that anyone name nicholas should go by, it sounds better and you don't have to alter the spelling of your name by throwing a K in there. WIN WIN WIN
vhenscent: "NICHO!!"
nicholas: "what up man"
by vhenscent September 26, 2010
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hot very hung piece of man meat, often fucks for long periods of time and surrounds therself with dysfunktional frineds with unabrows, hair lips .
god i would suck the paint off nichos man rod
by nicho May 12, 2008
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Nichos is a cool kid . He's so down to earth and can make anyone laugh or smile . He is very attractive and has little flaws. He's a total "chick magnet ". He's a well rounded student & athlete .
"I just saw Nichos around the corner , he's so cool"
by 2kislife March 14, 2017
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one of the best guys anyone could ever meet. hes sweet,usually ripped and can be a bit of a player, but when he finds that one girl, thats it for him. there is noone else that can compare to his kitty (girlfriend) and loves those sweet lover nicknames like kitty and boo for example
man nicho is really down to earth im so jelous of that girl
by kittyboo0511 February 07, 2018
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