The things you promise your self you will do over the year, but quit after the first 2 weeks.
Bob's New Years Resolution was to lose 30 pounds. But bob says a lot of things.
by ninjajohn93 January 1, 2009
Something you set out to accomplish when the new year comes along. Also highly improbable you will go along with it, but it's the thought which counts.
New Years Resolutions are kind of like when you click the 'I read the terms and conditions'. You know you'll feel semi-guilty by clicking the button even if you didn't actually read so you say "I'll read them next time." You do that with New Years Resolutions. "I promise not to ever gossip year. Did you hear what Ross did with Rachel? BRUH."
by Lollipoplicker January 2, 2015
a goal that you propose then forget the next day.

a goal that should be realistic.

My new year's resolution is to eat less junk food, exercise more, and live an overall healthier, more productive, studious, exciting, and fulfilling life. This will probably result in utter failure, but I am making it anyway.
by i swear to god i'm not drunk December 29, 2005
n: An assessment of, and often delusional attempt to correct, one's shortcomings. Typically made on a day that is arbitrary except that it begins a new year on the standard Gregorian Calendar. Given the arbitrary nature of the date and the sudden change of lifestyle demanded by most resolutions, it should not be surprising that most resolutions are abandonded by the start of the next year. Fortunately the next New Year gives a person the opportunity to make the same resolution again.
A common New Year's resolution: get fit, get thin, get hot, get laid.

A common outcome: stay out of shape, stay fat, stay ugly, masturbate.
by ScabNainz January 19, 2006
Things you promise yourself you will do or accomplish, but try as you might you never will.
"This year I'm going to lose weight"
december 31, 2005, weight = 300 lb
"God damnit!!"
by Asshat January 1, 2005
The bull shit that people say they will when they are hammered 10 mins before the New Years comes. Most of this is forgotten by the 3rd of January.

Most of these "resolutions" are things like, lose weight, eat better, eat less, get a better job other then that casher job at Mc Donalds. Most of these never happen, but when the planets are alined right, still none of these happen.

People who don't have problems in life say, "Fuck that shit, I'm getting a sandwich."
Person with problems: "My New Year's Resolution is to reach a weight under 300 lbs."

Person without problems: "Fuck that shit, I'm getting a sandwich."
by Sire Definition January 1, 2012
when a fat person says they're going to loose weight that they never will, and just lie to themselves.
John's New year's resolution was to loose weight, he gave up two days later.
by stuffandstuff January 2, 2011