It's a mix of "What is going on?" and "what are you doing later". This is a Southern term that is used quite often as a greeting in large social gatherings. "What are you thinkin?" would be a normal sentence to describe a greeting and ask what's going on later in the night. For instance, "what are you thinkin" may elicit an answer of "it's dead- let's go somewhere cool".
"What are you thinking?" "Stupid, let's go to another barl".
by Michael J Murphy February 26, 2014
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A phrase that simple Nailogical uses
*finishes painting nails*

"What do you think?"
by Shakuraa February 4, 2019
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Term that people use when someone younger does something random, stupid, or uncalled for.
by sumguy91 July 31, 2012
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What are your thoughts on them?
Friend: Hey, what do you think of me?
Me: I think you’re worthless
by drakesgf April 20, 2022
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an old school slang word used to disapprove the actions or suggentions or another. the dates of the actually week is the 28th of january - 4th of february.
"can i go to the city with jack daniels?"
"absoulutley not, what do you think this is bush week?
by hayden595 February 28, 2008
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