It starts out as just a simple movie on Netflix. You're excited to spend time with that special someone. You make popcorn or whatever snacks you have on hand and get everything all cleaned up around your room. Your special someone lady or man, whichever you prefer, shows up. You get all comfy and decide on a simple movie that maybe you were both excited to watch. Soon after the movie starts, the whole mood changes and you decide that maybe the movie isn't as important as you first thought. Things start to escalate and it starts getting hot and heavy. One thing leads to another and you end up jumping on the jiffy stiffy and dancing the horizontal tango.
Excuse me miss would you like to Netflix and chill?
Last night my boyfriend and I netflix and chilled!
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by SharkWeek... September 21, 2015
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Pretty much saying u wanna have sex and while playing Netflix in the background.
Steve- Hey wanna watch Netflix and chill
Molly- Yea sure ;)
Steve- I'll buy the condoms
Molly- Ok bae ;D
by I_Hate_You_Now_Leave_ September 30, 2015
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The act of watching half of a movie on netflix the proceed with coitus
John: Hey do you want to netflix and chill
Margaret : Sure John I'm down to watch half a movie then have some hot steamy sex and maybe get billy in this

Billy: Fuck off ya wankers
by Swagnamite_360 September 03, 2015
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When you watch netflix with your partner, and you cuddle.
Raul: so did you netflix and chill with her last night?
Erick: yeah dude! We watched orange is the new black all night while cuddling!
by Laffy+nugget September 20, 2015
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What you text your partner when you want them to think you're coming over to watch Netflix with them, but really you're coming over to fuck.
Boy:Netflix and chill bae?

Girl: Yeah, come on over
Boy: hehehe
by Blobkin September 01, 2015
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*Girl* wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt with junk food to eat, while cuddling with you hubby and watching Romcoms.
*Guys* fucking with Netflix playing in the background
fuck cuddling sexy lazy boner sweet
Janice: Hey babe, I've had such a ruff day today. Would you wanna come over to watch Netflix and chill?
Stephen: REALLY?? Alright!!
Janice: Why do you sound so excited? You hate watching romcoms with me.
Stephen: No babe, Netflix and chill means you want to fuck.
Janice: Oh hell no! You can go jack off you jack ass. I told you I had a ruff day and all you can think about is your boner!!
Stephen: ...Wait....what???
by ClassicRomantic May 18, 2016
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