When your homie is going to get laid.
"Hey bae, was wondering if you wanted to come over to my place for some Netflix and chill" "Ohh you too romantic Dequan"
by Corrupted Cleric September 2, 2015
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A way for teens and young adults to bang with a code in case anyone (such as parents) sees the text messages.
Him: Hey babe wanna Netflix and chill?
Her: Sure, I'll be over in a minute.
by justkeepswimming4712 October 8, 2015
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going over to a partner's or a person's house to have sex or any sexual activities
Josh: Hey babe wanna come over and we can netflix and chill?
Nat: Sure why not
by imafukboi August 31, 2015
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Netflix and Chill consists of 3 concepts:

1- Genuine Netflix and Chill
2- Netflix and chill with the cheeky kiss etc
3- All out Netflix and chill, no itty gritty bits.

First of all, you have to find the suitable programme/film for the concept you're like, you know...feeling. So, that can take a considerably long amount of time. Secondly, if the girl chooses the programme/film and it's utter shite, you have to stick with it and watch the WHOLE fucking thing, in other words, Netflix and chill has ultimately failed. However, if you can fish out what the girl is feeling, ie Concept 3, you put on a suitable genre of film/programme for example, action. This way, the sound you make in the bedroom is covered by the action movie, and you almost feel like you're part of the script. And that's basically how to Netflix and chill with Huge L Smith
by B-Star August 18, 2015
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The act of asking a girl you're into that you would like to come over to her place and bang her brains out
Uche, what you doing tonight?
How about we do Netflix and Chill?
by Ogagbagbe October 1, 2015
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An approach used predominately by the college male congregation in order to swoon someone who they are trying to win the affection of by offering to watch a movie they enjoy on the movie streaming site of Netflix and eventually getting intimate with them.
Example 1:
Guy: Do you want to hang out?
Girl: Sure, what are we doing?
Guy: I've got Netflix.
Girl: I guess we can chill.

Example 2:
He asked me to Netflix and Chill
by daddyissues1101 November 24, 2015
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People use this as a cover up for the word sex. Created by kids.. This term was created to be able to talk about sex and hooking up... Without actually saying sex.
Hey babe.. Wanna Netflix and chill?


Where did jake go? Oh him and Liza are Netflix and chilling
by Forevermine1963 September 27, 2015
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