How anyone born after 2014 was conceived

Also used to represent having a family
"Yo girl lets netflix and chill us a son"
by OmarV February 19, 2016
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A euphemism for inviting someone over to their place to engage in sexual activity. Thus the expression, "let's Netflix and chill!" should be understood by the hearer as "let's come over to my place and fuck!" The genius of this phrase is that it gives both parties "plausible deniability" when its true meaning is prematurely exposed so no one has to lose face (the inviting party can say, "I was just talking about watching movies and hanging out" or the invited party can say, "You're talking about watching movies and hanging out, right?")
John: Hey Tammy, let's netflix and chill tonight.
Tammy: OK!
by morpheus30 September 27, 2015
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Netflix and Chill is were While you are Watching Netflix with a girl... Then you start Feeling Horney . And then The girl Feels Horney . And you Slowly Start fucking each other while Netflix is playing in the Background.
When you Fuck someone while Netflix is Playing in the Background. That's Called Netflix and Chill.
by DiamondFan April 02, 2016
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Apparently it's supposed to mean having sex with someone, but really can be used in a number of ways.

It can also mean you actually just want to chill out while watching Netflix.
Jim: Hey Jenny wanna watch Netflix and Chill?
Jenny: Are you implying I'm a slut Jim?
Jim: No actually I wanted to watch Grey's Anatomy and Chill. Seriously Jenny everyone knows I'm gay.
by I'mHannahMontana September 19, 2015
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Brittney: "Hey, Netflix and chill?"
Bob: "Hell yeah! thank god for Netflix."
Brittney: "I'll get the condoms."
by Boobysagit69 August 11, 2015
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Netflix and chill, the act of putting your purple helmeted love warrior where her legs begin.
Guy - "Hey babe, wanna Netflix in chill ?"
Girl - "Please, put your pork sword in my poo tang"
I.E "Netflix and chill" = "Let's have sex"
by BonS0LE August 06, 2017
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Person 1: Yo, dude. I'm gonna totally Netflix and chill Jane tonight.
Person 2: You mean you're gonna watch a movie with Jane?
Person 1: Nah, it means we're gonna fuck, but we're gonna watch 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler for the 27th time before we do it, even though we both know that we're just there to screw.
by Spagelo March 07, 2016
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