when he says he wants to netflix and chill but you realize he has no TV
by zek123 March 30, 2016
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1.Sit in Bed and relax and cuddle
2.Maybe kiss here and there while feelin each other
3.BUT! NO sex or being overlly freaky thats a subject for another time
Netflix and Chill is for me just cuddlin and relaxing with my bae while watching a freaky or romantic movie on Netflix. ;D
by BluSavage123 October 10, 2016
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Netflix and Chill is were While you are Watching Netflix with a girl... Then you start Feeling Horney . And then The girl Feels Horney . And you Slowly Start fucking each other while Netflix is playing in the Background.
When you Fuck someone while Netflix is Playing in the Background. That's Called Netflix and Chill.
by DiamondFan April 2, 2016
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Something that a fuckboy ask you because he too childish to take you on a real date
Boy: Ayee lets watch Netflix and chill??
Girl: I'm not down
by November 12, 2015
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A code word that everyone knows means, "Let's have sex." or "Let's fuck."
Mike: "Hey, Anna, Netflix and chill?"
Anna: "Depends... Do you have condoms?"
Mike: "What?"
Anna: "You are such a fucking idiot Mike. 'Netflix and chill' means 'Let's have sex'.

Mike: "Oh. In that case, I most definetely don't want to Neflix and chill."
by sonyamasi December 7, 2015
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A phrase commonly used to mean "let's fuck with netflix in the background"
Tito: Hey Irma you going to the Netflix and Chill event this Friday? Just invited you to the event.
Irma: What the fuck? You invited me to a mass orgy?
Tito: What? How does Netflix and Chill mean that?
Irma: Netflix and Chill means let's fuck you idiot.
by Kipper the Rat September 25, 2015
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A way of saying, "I'm just gonna watch some movies and relax", however, it was morphed into a sexual term meaning, "Hey, babe, wanna do it to Netflix?"
Early Use: I'm just gonna watch Netflix and chill".

Present Use: Hey, bae, Netflix and chill?
by Schiniqua February 12, 2018
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