Dave: "Are you and Sarah watching Netflix tonight?"
Joe: "Oh yeah, we will be watching Netflix all night."
by AnIdealOfHope May 28, 2013
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Going over to a significant others house and "watching Netflix" which starts out as cute spooning and cuddle which eventually escalates into intense making out and in most cases ends in sexual intercourse.
Girl: Hey mom I'm going over to Liam's house to watch Netflix *wink*

Mom: ok sweetie have fun
Girl: oh I will ;)
by Elliottestarryeyes March 28, 2015
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Pizza and watch netflix is the invitation given to a girl from a guy to "hang out" which is a cover for having sex.
guy:"hey wanna come round? we can order pizza and watch netflix"
really what he means is..
guy: "hey want to come to mine and have sex?"
by ARGGHHHHHHHHHHHH January 08, 2015
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Communicating with a potential mate and asking to hangout with the intent to murder that pussy. If she agrees to chill and watch Netflix, you are guaranteed a dry handjob
by Dirtydan10 May 26, 2015
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*Not to be confused with Netflix and chill.* The Virgin version of Netflix and chill.
"Yeah all we did was just watch some Netflix and chill."
"Damn nigga how deep?"
"Four episodes deep. "
by gamingtdr October 04, 2015
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