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Nestor is a giant anthropomorphic rat who visits after holidays to eat the candy and toys of poorly behaved children. He likes to nibble obnoxious children’s toes and defecate in their beds.

Nestor is not an evil creature and does not abide by a moral ledger. Otherwise saintly children who misbehave after holidays may find their candy raided and bedrooms defecated in while beastly brats who keep clean rooms are left unscathed.

Nestor is particularly fond of hidden candy stashes, and enjoys despoiling them.

Some families celebrate Nestor and welcome him into their homes after Halloween as he is known to selectively eat the candy that has been tampered with by perverts.

Unlike many of his peers, Nestor does not have any special relationship with parental figures. In fact, many parents try to spare their children by setting traps for him. These may occasionally catch his lesser helpers, but he is to clever to fall for any trap. Cats are ineffective deterrents on account of his size, and he sometimes eats them to teach particularly wretched children a lesson.

While Nestor is commonly associated with the western-christian holiday pantheon (Santa, Easter Bunny, Cupid, S. D. Kluger et-all) he is known to visit families of all different faiths and nationalities. His origins are a mystery, but he plays similar roles to Krampus and Grýla, and is sometimes depicted as their harbinger or familiar.

Eating anything colored blue makes Nestor explosively flatulent.
“Wow! Look at how much candy Doug raked in from trick-or-treating!” “Yeah, it’s a shame that he bitched and moaned when it was time to go home, Nestor is going to shit like a bandit after he eats all that.”

“Mommy, something ate my secret Christmas candy stash!” “Awww sorry Sammy, I tried to keep Nestor away. Maybe you shouldn’t be such a little bitch to your classmates at school.”

“Daddy, where is Kitty-Paw-Paws?”
“JENNY! What the fuck did fuck did you do?! Nestor FUCKING ATE the FUCKING CAT!!”
“It wasnt my fault paa! I didnt mean to run over the easter bunny’s babies with the lawn mower!”
by 4F October 24, 2019
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lil mad is like big mad but the opposite, you mad but not mad to the extent of pullin somthin
"look im sorry i ate your food"
"is cool im just lil mad"
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A sweet, nice, caring, loveable guy who cares about his girl, friends and family. Very fun to be around with and will make you laugh. They are very athletic and enjoy doing extreme things. They fear nothing and you can trust them with anything. They are good hearted and patient.
One day your Nestor will come and sweep you off your feet.
by gr33n_eyes February 05, 2010
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1.(Greek mythology) a wise old counselor to the Greeks at Troy. A genus of Psittacidae.


3.One of the Greeks at Troy , renowned for his longevity. He was also king of Pylos.

4.Saint Nestor.

:Néstor is the Spanish-language version of the general European name Nestor.

:Nestor is a given name of Greek origin. It comes from that of the son of Neleus, the King of Pylos and Chloris in Greek mythology.
by Maria1984 February 21, 2009
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someone who you can count on to trust

a boy who cares about his girl always
thats a nestor!
by meleca23 May 01, 2010
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The Broest of all Bros.
"Nestor is such a bro.. He should be called Nachbro Libre... or Nabrolean Dynamite... or Brobaffette.. or Abroham Lincoln."

"Nestor is Jules' bro. Not Nicks."
by April 30, 2016
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