The very essence of being, which could be equated to the soul, chi, aura, strong presence, or even a personal passion.
As a musician, music is my ness: I would die without it.
by Jose January 19, 2005
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A group of issues that are too complicated to explain briefly. When this word is used it is understood by friends that some events happened that are best left unexplained, or at least explained at a later date.
Ahh...that was some ness last night.
(perhaps after seeing/hearing something impressive) Man! That's some ness right there!
by Pipi April 18, 2003
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Word used inplace of describing a general situation, description, and/or over exaggerated drama.
It's all about the -Ness
by Alyssapoo October 05, 2006
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ness // an adjective modifying noun // personality, person, being, aura, soul, spirit, character, identity, style, etc.
1: "Dude that girl has a bitchy ness."

2: "Her ness is totally bitchy."

"What'd you just say?"
by Shmandie May 07, 2010
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A nick name given to someone who exceeds the normal heights of awesome, becoming awesomeness, which is shortened to NESS, because society is lazy.
by nutterknight October 24, 2013
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It is for everything that describes you. For example: happiNESS, angriNESS, ugliNESS. So, your overall personality is your ness.
by bramyyy July 10, 2014
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