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A word used when cunsulting another one bro. It is used most often as a question. More commonly a way of greeting another bro. Stipulation on use include being a bro. See how to be a bro for more information. You can not become a bro you must be born one.
Ex. 1 One bro picks another bro up in his red truck. Conversation, "Broness...?" Response motion to rock! Follow by acknowledgement restatement of "Broness".
Ex. Ditching stuff. When about to ditch items in random place it becomes necessary to ask for the permision to do so from another one bro i.e. Lifting object about to be thrown Convs. "broness...?"Once again in the question format, and "broness" as assurance to again participate in the activity. Note: in this situation broness is not capitalized.
by Alex October 09, 2004
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