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Ness is a suffix that is to be used after most words in your vocabulary, including nouns and proper nouns. Ness doesn't even have to be a suffix, it can be used on it's own and still be awesome. Ness will make any word sound better than it actually is. You can also use ness multiple times to make sure your point is made.
Ex. 1 "The Broness level is extremely high in this defintion"

Ex. 2 ((Bro conversation))

Ex. 3 Nessnessnessnessness, nessness.
by The Bros October 17, 2004

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First it must always appear in writing as capatilized, it is a name and we must show it respect. One of the best rock super star bands of all time. The Van Halen bros are gangstas. Listen to Van Halen cause it rocks and all other crappy ass pussy rock sucks, and Nicole is a slut, her music is crap.
Ex. 1 The was so awesomeness it was like Van Halen.

Ex. 2 Van Halen!!!!-it speaks for itself.

Ex. 3 Van Halen is gangsta music and maximus mellowness to the Jumpness.
by The Bros October 11, 2004

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Looking like you have the down syndrome or other form of retardedness. This does not mean you are retarded, you just look like it. Slowfaced features include lack of defintion in face, open mouth for long periods of time, and vacant stares for extended periods of time.
"So Bro look at Charlie, he is totally slowfaced." "Yeah Bro he totally looks like he has the down syndrome."
by The Bros October 11, 2004

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A Wimer is an unbelievably warm and comfortable blanket. Often really funky due to one's hesitance to wash it out of the sheer fact that one cannot bare the thought of being without it for any extended time.
Dude, I spent all of this weekend just wrapped up in my wimer and watching back to back episodes of The Walking Dead.
by the bros March 25, 2013

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A commitment a bro makes to spend time with his fellow bros. Even if it means creating the most ridiculous of alibis to get out of prior responsibilities.
My family expected me to attend my grandma's 96th birthday party but I had a bromitment to fulfill.
by the bros March 24, 2013

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So I am defining this word again because 332 times just isn't enough. A chode is a dick wider than it is long. Chode is more commonly used as a term to describe people with chode-like qualities, or people who say chode-like things. Chodes are very easy to spot. The most obvious chode-like quality is wearing a hat slightly off center. If you ever happen to spot a chode then casually say "chode" with or without a cough, make sure they hear you otherwise the point is not made. There are definately a lot of chodes out there including Dave Dahmer, Jon Dewalt and Tony.
Ex. 1 "Hey Mike D. I haven't seen you at The Dairy lately, did that chode ban you from the store"

Ex. 2 "Bro, look at that guy with the off center hat, ((cough)) chode...."
by The Bros October 17, 2004

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Ish can be the substitute word for anything and everything. Ish can also mean approximately, kinda, sorta etc., when used as a suffix.
Ex. 1 "Remember that time we totally ditched that ish out of your truck."

Ex. 2 "Bro get that ish off my ish."

Ex. 3 "Hey I'll be there like 2:30-ish"
by The Bros October 17, 2004

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