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The act of playing video games for hours and hours. Probably while eating cheetohs and hot pockets.
*Me in the group text* Yo dudes, anyone nerding tonight? I picked up a bag of cheetohs and there's a fresh box of hot pockets in the freezer. Let's do this!
by joemammy September 03, 2016
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nerding is a form of studying which involves more of mugging but in most ways it is used as a slang to transpose the word studying. this term coined in National Public School, Indiranagar, Bangalore (where else) is often used as a way to chide others for doing the same.
"What are you nerding?"

guy to another guy studying : dude you nerding for the test?

guy1: Dude, the test is today man! I'm dying!
guy1: Chill man, You were nerding the whole night. Why are you scared?
by TheZDude September 30, 2011
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nerding is soon to become the new pimping, its not about train spotting, playing chess, collecting stamps or jizzing at the sight of a star wars film. Nerding is all about enjoying things as they are and being enthuseastic about it!!

So go enjoy yourself and start nerding it up!
Belly was getting mashed out of his skull and nerding it up
by Be11y June 12, 2007
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To partake blatantly in behaviour that is often related with being a nerd, geek, often proving that you do not having a life.
Like, oh... my... god! Those kids over there with the pocket protectors are such nerds! They're always going nerding after school with their Magic cards!
by Googa May 23, 2003
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Verb: the act of being a nerd.
talking about nerdy things ie:
group of nerds:'so then i defragged the flux capaciter and tweaked with the internal hard drive...good as new'
someone else: 'ugh, they're nerding again!'
boy: 'i stood in line for 5 days waiting to see the new star wars movie.'
girl: *thinking* '*sigh* he's nerding..again.'
by Jessie_Anderson May 10, 2006
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To go "nerding" means that you and a few buddies drive around grounds (aka campus) after a long night of drinking (with a sober driver of course...usually a pledge) between the hours of bars closing and frat parties ending (2-5 am), and proceed to ask drunk 1st years going back to dorms and nerdy foreign kids leaving the various libraries, where a certain library on grounds is located. The catch is that you have to butcher the name of the library slightly, so that the victim of the joke corrects you. Once the victim does this, you and the rest of the fellas in the SUV proceed to yell "NERRRRDDD" to the kid while speeding off to the next contestant.

The driver pulls up to the unsuspecting victim and someone in the car asks: "Hey man, do you know where we could find Akerman Library?"

The dumb victim responds (usually hesitant): "Don't you mean Alderman Library?"

Everyone then yells: "NERRRRRRRRRRRDD" and the car speeds away.
by lookatthisfuckingsororistitute December 10, 2009
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It's like jizzing but it only happens after something really nerdy has made you really happy.

Other tenses: Nerd, nerded
Boy 1: Did you see the trailer for the new Assassins Creed?

Boy 2: Oh my god yes!

Boy 1: I was nerding all night
by JimmyIsBehindYou October 02, 2011
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