An accessory that Norman "Nick" likes to wear when he goes out to the bars and clubs. He thinks they make them look hot and super cool but in reality, he looks like even more of a fag with those on than before. Those glasses aren't gonna help him pull any more bitches than he already does (Which is a big fat ZERO) and he will only get roasted for those.
Avetards: Let's go, get ready, we're going to campus corner.
Norman "Nick": Hold up, let me go put on my fake glasses.
Avetards: Never mind, we're not going out if you putting those on.
by TurnM3Up December 10, 2019
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Glasses in which are used for decoration purposes only, not for eye sight.
Those fake glasses that actor is wearing describe the character.
by Cookiesareforever101 May 3, 2016
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A gay cunt who thinks he looks good but he just looks like a gay wannabe model
Hey did u see that guy with the fake glasses, he must like it up the ass
by Butch Magee August 12, 2017
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