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The crime of unlawfully killing a person by a nerd.

Nerder is usually commited in a video game, chess game, or similar nerdy enviroment.

to kill (a newb) unkindly and with premeditated malice.
12 yr old: I'm gonna team kill you
Average player: Fool, I'll nerder you...

nerd nerderer nerderous
by Nerderous September 07, 2009
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Nerder- like murder, but instead of a dead body the end result is a complete nerd.
see also: Nerderer

My girlfriend came up with it to describe what I was doing to her: trying to nerder her by making her watch cheezy sci-fi and horror movies from the 80's.
"man I just got back from the Games Developer Conference... talk about mass-nerder!"
by Aren Downie December 29, 2004
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A nerd boner or getting aroused by something that would usually only excite the most nerd-tastic
Oh man! I saw Harry Potter with my girlfriend yesterday. I hate those movies, but seeing Emma Watson in that Hogwarts robe gave me a raging Nerder!
by AYearForPhil October 29, 2011
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an individual who only chases after nerds (likes nerds), much like a chubby chaser.
him: yo, dude...check out the girl with the macbook pro in the glasses. hot!

friend: you're such a nerder
by s. curden January 06, 2011
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