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Apple Computer's latest weapon. Features a base that's capable of causing third-degree burns.
You: Would you like to try my new MacBook Pro? Here, put it on your lap.
Victim: Hey, it's got a camera... aagh! My sperm!
by Paul June 17, 2006
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Apple Computer's line of professional grade notebook computers that contain Intel x86 hardware, as opposed to IBM or Motorola PowerPC hardware. The MacBook Pro line was launched January 10th, 2006, claiming to be 4 to 5 times as fast as the (Now Legacy) PowerPC line of professional notebooks known as Powerbooks.
Steve: You going to order a MacBook Pro?
James: Hell no! POWERPC RULES!
Steve: I hear you can put Linux and Windows on it too.
by vaxt February 20, 2006
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The best and most powerful laptop that Apple has ever made.
Wow you have a MacBook.
No a MacBook Pro.
Oh, that makes it better than a MacBook right.
Yep that's right.
by Y-Dog123 December 21, 2011
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A line of "powerful" Laptops produced by Apple, by "powerful" what they really mean is just last generation tech that you would of found in an old ThinkPad from 2008.
Jim: Check out my Macbook Pro!
Everyone else: *laughs*
by Ctrl Alt Destroy April 10, 2019
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