i am going to go nerd out for a bit.
by kuges June 6, 2006
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you know you are nerding out when:

bowties, newly printed warm theses, and talks on evolution and human variation make you wet in the panties.

the majority of your boners are facilitated by the library, in one way or another.

you spend every friday night and the wee hours of saturday morning at PANCAKE 24 HOURS.
You only get ten academic boners in a lifetime. Ashley just got one. She must be nerding out.
by BONERSHLEY March 27, 2010
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To passionately study a topic beyond reason or common knowledge. You can nerd out about Shoes, Mars, or Zelda and know facts that even the most dedicated fan doesn’t know.
I can’t help but Nerd Out on marvel movies; go back and read related comic book arcs, spend hours on Wikipedia and watch every morsel of behind the scenes and making of content.
by Nmo.patman February 26, 2021
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A Nerd Out is when you deep dive a subject beyond normal reason, or common knowledge.

Often this is in an attempt to learn or simply to try to understand the topic at its roots.
Ex: After getting into podcasts, I would nerd out on the subject for days and I found out they used to be called audioblogs, but the name changed after the advent of the iPod.
by nmo.ninja February 26, 2021
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