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The world's second cryptocurrency (Bitcoin as first). Litecoin uses the hashing algorithm Scrypt, which is quite similar to Dogecoin.
Holy crap, this mining rig is awesome, I'm gonna mine some Litecoin with it!
by ryancflam June 16, 2016

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a term for the word "wrecked". Rekt means a player got completely destroyed, usually used in first person shooter games.
by ryancflam October 09, 2016

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An online decentralized cryptocurrency which was originally created as a joke. Similar to Litecoin, Dogecoin uses the hashing algorithm, Scrypt.
Dogecoin worths almost nothing, how come you believe that Dogecoin will rise?
by ryancflam June 16, 2016

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(V) To perform a hard/shitty landing.
The captain just ryanaired, we are scared and have shat our pants.
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by ryancflam January 30, 2019

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When the majority of people is in the wrong.
I'm sick of the wrongjority delusional sheep winning.
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by ryancflam March 22, 2019

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1. (V) To raid, usually about raiding Minecraft/Discord servers.

2. (N) A person who is really delusional, or “flawed”.

(Censored version: n**)
1. Hey, can we neo this server? Never mind, someone else already neod it.

2. Don’t be such a neo.
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by ryancflam December 21, 2018

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A delicious and healthy drink that will totally not kill one’s brain cells.
Drink some CloroxEnergyDrink to get super brain powers.
by ryancflam December 22, 2018

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