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A girl who is so beautiful she will get you excited right away. And she is friendly and helpful to everyone. She tries to do what she believes is right and is a strong person
Nela is the sunshine
by savvysparrow78 May 27, 2009
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Sexy Nellie gets annoyed pretty fast but everyone is jealous of her she lets out her feelings at a certain time and can kick ass anytime, animal lover of all kinds and will get annoyed by her cousins
Damn Nela you better go kick her ass
by Status crazy June 17, 2016
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a girl who will bug you and make you do interesting things for her entertainment. Will never be satisfied despite how much you try
That damn Nela, with her crazy ways.
by jason February 28, 2005
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She can sometimes be a pain in the butt but she will be there for you. She can he fake and turn on you quickly. She is heavy set but does not care. She is pretty but have ugly ways
Person 1 ( hi)
Ne'la (I don't feel like talking
by Da real Life May 22, 2018
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