The romanticization of Black Culture
ie., An obsession over black Culture such as Music, Fashion and slang
It orginates from 1920's Paris where the romanticization of black culture was the craze for short while
"Man I tell you I've never seen so many white kids at a rap concert, the way the dressed was black too"
"Really? Seem more like Negrophilia to me"
by superepicguy19 March 11, 2019
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Negrophilia in Paris is the norm; nearly every white woman has got a black man on her arm.
by kafkaesque October 22, 2007
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Erotic attraction to or sexual contact with black or african american corpses.
The man was arrested and charged with negrophilia. He was later admitted into a mental institution.
by Dirty Old Smokes April 13, 2006
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the attraction and addiction to any brown or darker man
yo i think i have negrophilia, every time i see a hot brown guy i nearly cum in my pants
by mamacita2002 August 19, 2018
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The performing of sexual acts, also called fucking, with a dead colored human species. Commonly taken place in a hood
Sarah is nasty, she likes to commit negrophilia
by eboy69yeet January 25, 2019
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A negrophilia is a raping of a dead body but it's black, so it's a necrophiliia but of a black persons body
Person 1: "yo dude I did a necrophiliia, be he was black!"
Person 2: "bro, that's a negrophilia"
by Minires722 June 05, 2021
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