Black Culture is something incredible. Some people will define it as ghetto, hood, or gang related. Those people should mind their business and choke on it. Black Culture is taking pride in who you are and where you come from. Nothing "ghetto" about it. Black Culture has made such a progress. It went from shackles to Business. Black people are stepping out and owning their own business and making a name for themselves. So its wise to stop saying "black culture is hood" because it is not. It is excellence
Black Culture is Excellent!
by MelaninLani♡ January 31, 2019
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An example of how culturally segregated America still is, whereas in other countries the equivalent of this culture is shared by a social class, in America it's treated to be exclusive to a race
Missing: Black Culture
by Gerulatská July 07, 2019
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A thriving vehicle driven by todays black youth. Despite what people think the future is bright for the race of African Americans. If one thinks about how fast a come up we have made, one would see that the possibilities of a completely and seemlessly integrated society is not far away. Instead thinking of all the negatives, all cultures need to look at Blacks and see a race of people who 50 years ago had no civil rights, not to mention that our first 400 or so years in the Western World were spent in chains. Just think for a second. Black culture in America was established and continued for almost a half-millenium in bondage. We have been free from slavery for only 140 years. Just imagine if we'd been free as long as we were slaves. Yet our incredible progress gets overshadowed by the fact that we have the highest number of inmates in prison and other negative things like that. What's funny is that I hear mostly blacks spew out these statistics. We as blacks need to not only embrace our roots but embrage our incredible progress.
chew on that
by Abbott Brooks February 24, 2004
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Black culture is a group of people with happiness and awesomeness. It’s a culture in America with good personality, characteristics, good vibes, good talk, and just awesome at life.
Person 1 yo black culture is the culture of awesomeness

Person 2 yeah I know it’s breathtaking
by Greatest ppl champ October 31, 2018
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