Neda is an exceptional girl that can not just be defined simply by words. Her greatness is known by all and even sometimes makes the people around her to envy her. She's a fantastically beautiful girl that has smoking hot body. No one can simply deny her hotness. She helps people to really know themselves. She's fun, attractive and outgoing, too. If you have a Neda kiss her right away and appreciate God every second for putting her in your way. Put your best effort in making her happy; because when she laughs, you will get the best reward you could ever possibly have. Never miss a chance to talk to her because you will regret it badly. If you are lucky enough to have a Neda, just say I LOVE YOU to her right away.
Ali: "I love you Neda!"
Neda: "I'm seriously worried about you right now and you show affections about me? Damn you, I love you too!“
by Ali Sabouri August 17, 2018
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the best friend a person could have! she will make you laugh and will stay with you through anything! she is an amazing writer and youtuber!
i just found neda yayyyyyyy! she is the best friend a person could have.
by rainbow crystal January 17, 2019
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Hottest Lithunian boy in the world
All the bitches line up for this God
Damn that Lithuanian dude fucked so many bitches yesterday
Yeah, name must be Nedas
by Rhaosnd January 17, 2018
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a super bitchy slut that likes to victimize other girls that are not deemed to be "popular."
Unpopular girl #1: Have you heard any rumors that Ashley had slept with every guys on the football team?

Unpopular girl #2: Yeah, this Ashley individual is a straight-up Neda.
by legs21 May 23, 2010
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