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a little known term used to described a Caucasian man, usually from the South or in particular other states that has so many small rural towns, who is considered poor and uneducated (hence another name for a white trash). Also called Jim Jones or Jim White.
*scene starts with an Asian tourist in Louisiana*

Tourist: Excuse me, sir. Could you give me the directions for Baton Rouge?

Louisiana resident: You go north and take detour in another highway after the next two exists and make a left turn at an intersection in Laurel Creek, but whatever you do don't make a stop there...

Tourist: Why not?

Louisiana resident: 'Cause that place is crawling with shed-dwelling Jimmy folks!
by legs21 February 11, 2011

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a cool down-to-earth girl that really knows how to shake those hips.
Party girl #1: Daaaaang, check out that girl in the sparkling blue dress breaking her hips on the dance floor, now that's a nina!

Party girl #1: her style is so down-to-earth!
by legs21 January 22, 2010

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Self-hating, hypocritical homosexuals who thinks it's right to jump on others and it's wrong if someone calls THEM the "faggot" or black folks a "nigger", etc. and so forth. They tend to victimize and exploit other minority groups (esp. transsexuals or Mid Eastern folks), thinking their own "minority" background is more superior, just like white or heterosexual folks thinks they are superior than black/Mexicans/Asians/gays/etc. The truth: Black people are the real racists and gay people are the real homophobes.
-Scene One-

*two gays guys at a bar*

Gay guy #1: Hey handsome, wanna buy me a drink?

Straight guy: Fuck off, I am straight you butt-licking faggot!

Guy gay #1: No fair! Why do I get all the discrimination!?

Gay guy #2: Hey, let's go jump on a tranny walking down the curb!

*Both gay guys abduct, rob, and murder a transsexual lady before her corpse was found in the dumpster three days later*

-Scene 2-

*two black guys outside a UCLA campus*

Black guy #1: Yo dawg, wassup?

Black guy #2: Man, imma so damn tired, that i screwed wit a lot of black chics last night.

Black guy #1: Man, I am sic of screwin' black chics, let's go fuk sum armenians.

*The two black dudes abducted and raped a random Iranian female student, who is sadly mistaken for an "Armenian" due to their lack of intelligence."

News commentator: Tonight, we will talk about "Nigger-Loving Faggots" raping Iranian girls and slaughtering transwomen on NBC Dateline.
by legs21 June 06, 2011

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a big fat ugly face.

Note: This term derives from a slang pun quoted by Chris Rock in one scene in the Jackie Chan movie Rush Hour (1998).
"Get your happy meal face out of my kitchen!"
by legs21 April 13, 2010

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a member of the lesbian race/community/etc.
Example #1: Monica is such a Lesbonese!

Example #2: All the female police chiefs in Pasadena are Lesbonese.
by legs21 March 30, 2010

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a very huge buttocks.
Kim Kardashian has a bumblebee butt, except they are fake thou...
by legs21 January 27, 2010

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a really stupid overrated Nickelodeon TV show about a bunch of retards that does nothing but talk about sports, sports, sports, and sports...They don't read. They don't draw. They don't go to school. They must've been on a disability or welfare check since the main character's father runs a crummy old fast-food shack!
Person #1: What's your favorite Nickelodeon show?

Person #2: As Told by Ginger. Too bad I have to wait till 6:00pm every single damn day to watch my favorite show and had to go thru being forced to watch the crappy overrated show Rocket Power!

*Rocket Power scene*

Squid: Hey guys, wanna do some reading?

Otto Rocket: Duh, I am too retarded to read 'cause I am gay. Let's go skateboardin' at my dad's crummy old shack and have a gay orgy with Twister and his older brother Lars.

Twister: I'm in!

Reggie: I need a sex change to participate ;)
by legs21 April 14, 2010

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