THE "hip" word for kissing and making out when I was a young teenager in the 70's.
"Rick and I were necking for hours in Carla's bedroom! I STOPPED him from putting his hands down my pants though - I wouldn't go THAT far!"
by ClairBecker April 7, 2018
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To caress and kiss the neck passionately during making-out. Often, the neckee will end up with love bites.
"What's that on your neck?"
"Oh, just love bites from when my baby Johnny was necking me last night"
by YourMateHarry December 21, 2013
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to caress your clothed partner on and above the neck. (old defn, circa 1960)
"The girls were terrific. They went out in the backyard and necked with us." - On the Road, by Jack Kerouac
by nathan October 28, 2003
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A game played by Virginia middle school students in which a student slaps an unsuspecting classmate across the back of the neck.
I was sent to the Principal's office for necking Scotty in the hallway.
by Drop_The_Mic December 2, 2016
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Kissing, biting, or licking of the neck during sex, or foreplay.
Necking with her really turns me on.
by _Facade March 4, 2014
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1. An old-fashioned word meaning to make out with someone, generally not heavily.

2. The practice of greedily eating or drinking something, i.e. "getting it down your neck"
"Me sister drank too much beer at the party and ended up dancing on the table."

"LOL the slapper! How much beer DID she drink, then?"

"Must have had near fifteen. She was necking em like a sailor!!"
by GodSaveTheCream September 5, 2011
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In Holden's Case, it means to "neck" with a female; kissing as some may say, or sexual activity. When Giraffes mate or "kiss" they have their butting of heads, a competition for the males to neck the other male away.

Whether it's meant by pleasing somebody or giraffes necking each other to get the female, it's all brutal.
I don't why I wrote this. So pointless. Necking! ..
by mr. okay January 20, 2008
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