if you dont nea nea you get hit by a belt because you didnt nae nae
karl: nea nea before u get da whoppin

bedar: (nae naes)
by glothy October 08, 2020
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Past tense

To get absolutely dunked or destroyed in any game
Omg get nea nea’d Leon u gimp I absolutely destroyed you that round
by Queens English October 11, 2020
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Συντομογραφία της Νέας Ιωνίας
-where's George?
-He has gone to Nea Nia
by Skalpie October 22, 2020
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An indeed interesting... moodswingy... beautiful, Hmm, probably a delightful girl. Nea Winkler often get's it her way, since she has a strong bond with everyone around her, including animals, most people would probably agree with her. Not only is she perfect but trustworthy. She'll even treat you to a free meal... But she doesn't like to share her chocolate.
Me: Here Nea Winkler I bought you some chocolate.
Nea: Thanks for buying this tasty chocolate to me, I appriciate your kindess, but don't call me that :)
Me: No problem, Oh can I have a bite?
Nea: No?...
Me: Aww c'mon, pleasee?
Nea: Alright, I'll give you a bit of it.
Me: Thanks, you're the best :)).... Nea Winkler.
Nea: Alright you ain't getting nothing now.
by Alriiiiiiightiieeee November 10, 2019
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