The Nazi Party was a political party in Germany, founded in 1919 by Anton Drexler. At first it was called "The German Worker's Party".

When Hitler later took over the party, helped by his oratorical skills, he renamed the party the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeitpartei), meaning National Socialist Germany Workers' Party.

Later on the Great Depression helped the Nazi come to power in 1933.

Paul von Hindenburg, the president at the time, appointed Hitler Chancellor of Germany on January 30th 1933. Within 3 months, he had assumed dictatorial powers.

Hence, the Nazi Party is indeed what Hitler used, and what helped him to gain power and wage war across the globe.
Bob : "Well, looks like the Nazi Party did help Hitler get into power"

John : "Yea but it was full of homos, go read "The Pink Swastika"
by Richi Rich July 22, 2009
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The act of hate-fucking a Jewish American Princess so hard she bleeds all over your Penis. When she passes out (and she will) you smear the blood on her forehead in a swastica design and create a Hitler moustache. You then scurry and immediately vacate the premises even if its your own home.
John: I had my first Nazi Party last night.

Greg: It's about fucking time dude, what the hell were you waiting for!
by randomguy72781 August 30, 2011
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A political party in Germany that supported National Socialism. Is still around today, but is now known as the Democratic Party.
Gee I'm glad the Democratic Party(aka Nazi Party) is taking away all my freedom and turning our nation into a Nazi Country!
by James "Biggles" Bigglesworth September 17, 2008
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Another name for the fascist hate group known as the Scottish national party this group has a bigot as a leader and wishes to destroy my grand nation (UK) and is so misguided thinks the EU is good
Vote Scottish Nazi Party to end the evil empire of the UK

Normal person: fuck no
by DuncsGaming December 5, 2013
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The political party of the Grammar Nazis. Their flag is a black capital g in a white circle with red on the outside. The party believes the 'pure' man must have perfect grammar. They persecute those whom seem 'impure' by their corrections in grammatically incorrect sentences using * before a corrected word.
John: Austrya suchs
Grammar Nazi Party Member: *Australia *sucks
by Baithoven September 13, 2014
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one who rules or controls a party.Is usually gay or homosexual.
Kevin is such a party nazi.
by Corey and Kyle December 28, 2005
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The Nazi Party, officially the National Socialist German Workers' Party, was a far-right political party in Germany active between 1920 and 1945, that created and supported the ideology of Nazism. Its precursor, the German Workers' Party, existed from 1919 to 1920 (I am not a nazi btw(
Schneider: The Nazi Party Sucks! Ottoman: It Sure Does!
by awesomesauce128 March 22, 2021
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