A 22 ounce bottle of beer. Clyde "The Glide" Drexler was number 22 on the Portland Trailblazers for many years.
PDX Hipster #1: What do you want to do tonight?
PDX Hipster #2: Pick up a couple Drexlers and listen to mediocre indie rock?
PDX Hipster #1: Sounds fly.
PDX Hipster #2: Fly? Really? 1987 called, it wants its slang back.
by harmonium September 17, 2011
Dre Drexler is an American idiot, douchebag who is famous epic morning routine, and his shitty spray that "removes morning congestion" which is pretty bullshit.
Dre Drexler just stole my girl.
by Featuring Young Ceo October 12, 2019
the act of standing on the rails at the top of a stair well and pooping down it so the poop slides down and hits people in the head.
Paul: Dude, is that your english teacher at the bottom of the stair well?

Jason: Yeah. Hold my books, I'm going to Slide Drexler on her.
by ergo_amazingness December 21, 2010
The ultimate dude. His super power is the ability to attract girlsfriends at a range of +1000 miles.
Guy: Hey Jessica! It's Dre Drexler!!!
Girlfriend:....(cricket sounds).....
by Kyparn September 19, 2018
The coolest motha fucka to ever roam the face of Earth. This kid is an icon and tends to suffer from testicular health problems. Chase has an incredible Afro that is much more dense and luscious than that of his idol Bob Ross. Chase Drexler is a treasure to society and people must protect him at all costs.
Jack: “That kid Chase Drexler is the coolest kid I have ever met.”

Holly: “I know right. He’s an absolute unit of a male.”

Andrew: “Chase Drexler is so hot.”
by sexiest_mofo_alive March 29, 2022