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A person of extreme african descent residing in the northeast United States who repeatedly expunges all delcious fried foods from your local grocer. He remains infamously anonymous yet well known amongst many community members.
1) I could really use some hangover grease right now. Too bad that local Niggeramus took all the chicken out of KFC.

2) I cant beleive Stop n Shop had no more fresh watermelon or grape juice....Do you think it couldve been Niggeramus?
by randomguy72781 August 26, 2011
A friend who is usually sober that regulates your illicit bar behavior. he often talks the drunk out of you and watches over you like a guardian angel. He will protect you from sexual attacks from SlamPigs, SlamHogs, and other vile women of the night looking to fornicate.
Matt: Youre lucky that I was your Slamwarden last night.

Greg: True Story, if it wasnt for you i wouldve been waist deep in a fat chick!
by randomguy72781 August 30, 2011
The act of hate-fucking a Jewish American Princess so hard she bleeds all over your Penis. When she passes out (and she will) you smear the blood on her forehead in a swastica design and create a Hitler moustache. You then scurry and immediately vacate the premises even if its your own home.
John: I had my first Nazi Party last night.

Greg: It's about fucking time dude, what the hell were you waiting for!
by randomguy72781 August 30, 2011