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English expression said in a sarcastic manner; used as a synonym for bullshit, horseshit, etc.

Can also be used to indicate that you just don't give a flying fuck.

Is said while simultaneously throwing 3 air jerks, one after the other.
1st Example :

John : I'm going to be in the next Hollywood blockbuster!

Bill : -.- And I'm Napoleon *throws 3 air jerks* three shakes...

2nd Example :

John : Omg, did you hear? The French teacher had a heart attack, fell off a cliff, was devoured by hungry sharks, then spat out on the beach and sold off to the Saudis!

Bill : -.- *throws 3 air jerks* Three shakes...
by Richi Rich July 13, 2009
A penis in a suit.

He stands erected in the House of Commons, fucked the economy, and pretty much the whole country, but can't be fucked back.
Bill : "Look, Genitals Brown is on the TV again"

Jon : "You mean Gordon Brown?"

Bill : "Uh.. Yea, Genitals Brown"
by Richi Rich July 21, 2009
The Nazi Party was a political party in Germany, founded in 1919 by Anton Drexler. At first it was called "The German Worker's Party".

When Hitler later took over the party, helped by his oratorical skills, he renamed the party the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeitpartei), meaning National Socialist Germany Workers' Party.

Later on the Great Depression helped the Nazi come to power in 1933.

Paul von Hindenburg, the president at the time, appointed Hitler Chancellor of Germany on January 30th 1933. Within 3 months, he had assumed dictatorial powers.

Hence, the Nazi Party is indeed what Hitler used, and what helped him to gain power and wage war across the globe.
Bob : "Well, looks like the Nazi Party did help Hitler get into power"

John : "Yea but it was full of homos, go read "The Pink Swastika"
by Richi Rich July 22, 2009
Hand me a cigarrete.

Not quite sure where this phrase orginates from, but it's used a couple of times by Danny Archer in Blood Diamond.
Archer : "Hey brü, can you score us a loose?"

Some guy: "Yea sure"
by Richi Rich July 23, 2009
Someone who doesn't know whether they're coming or going.

They know smoking is bad, but do it anyway from time to time at social gatherings, i.e. clubs and bars, just to fit in and seem "cool".

They produce the opposite effect.

Real smokers and non-smokers alike, know these people are just losers who can't fit in with the crowd so they have to copy others to do so.

Plus they never buy their own packs because they're too cheap, so they beg around for cigarettes, and most of them just puff.
Bob : "Wtf is Marc trying to do with that cig? He doesn't even smoke"

John : "Meh.. who cares, he's just trying to impress"

Bob : "What? The ash tray? He looks like a penis"

John : "Yea well, he's not getting any cigs from me"

Bob : "Cheap ass social smoker ; we should beat his ass to death with a carton of smokes"

John : "Ok, hand me the burrito"
by Richi Rich July 21, 2009
To take a dump.

Can be used at anytime to indicate that you need to empty your arse of feces.

One may also chose to add the name of either of the four following cities, to indicate the size of the shit (smallest to biggest)

1. Berlin (Carpet bomb)

2. Hanoi (Napalm)

3. Nagasaki/Hiroshima (Nuclear)
Bill : "Brb, I'm going for an air raid"

John : "Hanoi or Berlin?"

Bill : "Neither, I think it's gonna be a Nagasaki this time"
by Richi Rich July 22, 2009