Nayla is one of the prettiest,loving, funniest people you will ever met. She can be witty from time to time, but she has a heart of gold. Her smile/ laugh makes you smile. She is willing to put others in front of her. She is humble & prideful & smart. She has these big dark brown eyes that you melt in. Her personality is everything. She is literally what every guy wants. The only thing is to not mess with her cause once you’ve fucked up there is no going back.
Omg are you guys talking about Nayla? I love her!
by byehi4281 February 27, 2019
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One of a kind she smiles , laughs , and she’s always weird she’s pretty hard to control but she is a really kind person she’s down for you if your down for her she don’t give a damn fuck when it comes to these snakes 😎🤣❗️
NAYLA will alwybe there for you and ask you if your ok 💓❗️
by xoxo.42o September 27, 2018
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The most beautiful creature that is said to live in earth. Origin from Middle East, brown eyed with rapunzel wavy hair :). It's believed that she might be a super-woman, u can reffer to her extra-ordinary sixth FUCKING sense , LIKE HOW DOES SHE FUCKING KNOW DUDEEEEEE!. Its in her genetics to become an FBI Agent, but the sad fact is that she is far away from USA. She has this symetrical face, u think like its photoshoped but hell fucking no, its her lively charming face. I aint snitching a true walking piece of art not even a bit static, i dont wanna continue with these love words but when u'll meet her ull fucking become a poet i swear to god.
She is a typical Nayla.
My boyfriend is cheating on me, he says this chick a NAYLA compared to me :(.
i wish i could have nayla skills.
A Nayla bite me on the neck, do i have nayla skills now?
A Spider is in the room, that bitchy thing is watching me. Argh... I WISH I WAS BLESSED WITH NAYLA SKILLS.
by yoboigen May 30, 2018
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A gorgeous girl with big brown eyes you can easily get lost in and long silky hair you’d be dying to touch. She’s the type of girl to easily take your man so watch out, all she has to do it stare at him and he’s easily hers.
by November 18, 2018
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Nayla is the type of GIRL that love to hide her pain but still act like it's okay and still make other people smile. Nayla also a type of girl that have a princip of EYE FOR EYE so if you nice to her, she will be nice fo you. But if you be mean with her, she will be cruel for you. She has a very beautiful smile and pretty eyes that can be a drug a guy
Q: i hate nayla shs is such a bitch
Nayla: look at your self at the mirror slut
by Summerhaze September 30, 2018
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Nayla is a friendly human being. She will never be mad at you unless you throw a banana at her. She is an amazing friend to be around. She is always there to support you, and she will always listen to you no matter what. She is the complete polar opposite of talentless. She adores singing although her dancing needs a grande amount of practice. You wil never regret befriended a Nayla and you will want to keep her until the ends of time. Although she will always beat you during kareoke night, she is an exquisitely amazing friend
Human: Hey, i befriended a Nayla last night.
Other Human: Cool!! Is she nice?
Human: Definitely!! Finally another human listened to my struggles!!
by Alexander Ham and Swiss June 10, 2019
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Nayla is a beautiful latin girl with amazing kitty eyes and the best smile anyone has ever seen. She loves kids and animals, and has a heart to help people. She is feisty and you do not mess with her without expecting consequences.
She is family oriented and is very outdoorsy. Hiking and snowboarding might be just the thing for Nayla.
Nayla equals amazing smile, great eyes, caring and a party girl who will gladly be the designated driver.
by Le Mimas February 5, 2010
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