A ridiculously awesome Welsh person, as soon as you meet her you'll fall in love :)
by bobetteye August 8, 2008
Bobette is a truly remarkable mother that is amazingly beautiful. Her family loves more than anything in the world. She is one you can talk to about any situation and will brighten your day no matter what. Is only a mother to four but loves everyone just like her own. Not only is she the best mom in the world but also a best friend with stylish new haircuts and a great personality.
Son: Mom is the greatest women alive.

Nick: I know! Bobette is so gorgeous! Im Glad shes my mom too!
by Proxy22 February 28, 2010
I feel really sorry for you if you have this name... (P.S. never visit France)
French dude: hey what's your name?

Bobette: my name is Bobette

French dude: Haha, okay really, what's your name?

Bobette: um... it's BOBETTE

FD: *can barely contain laughter*
by K1tcat April 15, 2019
A freshie who big mad for getting called what they are... A freshie
by Haha funni October 22, 2020
Ôte tes bobettes Ginette: m'en va te fourrer drette là!
(Take off your bobettes Ginette: i'm gonna fuck you right now!)
by Jean Saisrien January 19, 2021