Nayeli is short and beautiful even tho she isn't confident and optimistic I still like her. she is also cute and smart and she is the moon in the pitch black sky (for those who don't k what it means it means that she stands out in a good way) she is also very kind and caring and there will never be a girl like her she is childish and funny the reason why I'm happy and I want her to be happy too. She is very kind hearted and energetic too.
Nayeli is bonita
by LilFantasma March 28, 2020
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Nayeli is a beautiful girl. She has lots of friends.she has a lot of haters because th wish to be like her. She is funny. She is thick asf. She is the best girlfriend a guy could have. Best French kisser. Everyone wants to fight her because she is gorgeous. She attracts many guys. A lot of guys will ask her out but she is loyal to her guy.
by Shely101 December 21, 2016
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Beautiful, funny girl that catches attention by many. Is outgoing, people tend to trust her easily, very unique just like her name so if you know a Nayeli you're lucky!
"Hey do you know Nayeli?"
"Of course I do! Who doesn't?"
by Kat.22 July 14, 2015
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Nayeli is the most Loyal Girl you will ever find She is so Fucking Pretty if You have a nayeli you are so Awesome
Who that Cite girl.... It Nayeli
by Bad_Bunny4life April 9, 2018
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she is a very kind person. She will constantly think she's not worth the effort but you know that she is and you have to show her this. She thinks she is annoying but in reality she's a precious bean that you want to give all your love to. She could be yelled at for no reason and think its her fault. Pat her on the head to show the love and never raise your voice. When you meet a Nayeli don't ever make her feel like she's less than what she is really worth which is more than you can count. Also some of them like South Park so send her south park memes-
Person: "who's that precious bean over there?"
person 2: "Thats Nayeli."
by Moosey boo September 25, 2020
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Nayeli, meaning “I Love You”. She normally hangs around with boys but is with girls at school. She is kind of a tomboy, and loves to watch SpongeBob. She is also active, loyal, pretty, and funny! I love Nayeli!!! :D
Boy: Hey, who is that?
Girl: Oh, that’s Nayeli. Everybody likes her because she’s so nice!
by LGBT Rules!!! <3 October 3, 2018
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