a stupid dumb bitch who’s on tiktok all day and eats a lot but doesn’t gain weight as i should funny asf and very sarcastic is rude to you if your close to her but doesn’t really mean what she says she just says it because it’s funny
person 1 : do you know nayeli?

person 2 : duh who doesn’t she’s the best!
by unknown2941 June 01, 2020
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Was a girl who live in San Antonio but moved to Germany. She was beautiful, and wonderful. Its a very nostalgic story.
Nayeli is the one I love, and miss.
by M-boy March 08, 2006
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southwestern Mexican name from the zapotec's culture meaning "I love you" in the zapotec's dialect
Nayeli is a popular name in the mexican today's pop culture
by an intelligent chick November 13, 2012
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Nayeli is great gal who doesn't care what others think of her. She is unapologetically herself and has a great sense of humor. Even if people don't care for at first, they warm up to her through her undeniable kindness and charm. She is inclusive to everyone, and probably a little bit sapphic. Her name means "I love you" and is of Native American origin, so Nayeli might be Native. She's very proud of her name and tends to explain the meaning when introducing herself.
Man, I didn't like Nayeli at first, but she's rubbing off on me a little bit.
by the one and only Hannah! July 07, 2020
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Nayeli, Nayeli is a very loving person who can make big mistakes in her life and will regret it but she is a very loving person and will be there for you. She might make mistakes but everyone makes mistakes
Student: Ew its that girl who has no friends

Friend of Nayeli: she has me
Nayeli: Gives her friend a BIG HUG :D
via giphy
by September 14, 2020
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A very kind and loving person who guys may fall for all the time, very intelligent and pretty, she’s usually the quiet type but once you get to know her she won’t stop talking. She doesn’t show much emotion and when she’s crushing on someone she’ll pretend she doesn’t notice them. She’s very observant so she always knows who’s crushing on her.
Person 1: That girl’s really pretty!
Person 2: She’s my bff Nayeli!
by Official no so September 14, 2020
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